Pritchard's Piece: Intrinsic are better than a halfway house

Pritchard's Piece: Intrinsic are better than a halfway house


Did I say on the wagon last week? That lasted until Saturday and my friends 40th Birthday, a very good night but it left me with a bad hangover on the Sunday and a slow start on the Monday…I was warned by my father than the older you get the longer the hangover lingers, as usual I never took a blind bit of notice.

Busy first week on the business front but most of it was tidying up the back end of last year and trying to get some of those deals completed that slipped through the net!! Had some great new cases presented and these showed encouragement for the New Year. I do, however, fear for some companies who have taken no heed of mine or anyone else’s advice and appear to be sticking to a failing model. It’s like watching people cling to a sinking ship with a life raft 50 yards away that they are scared to swim too…Madness!!!!!

I have just finished the PWF board meeting with two of the best business partners you could have…both alcoholic smokers. On a serious note, these are two guys I hold in the highest regard and who genuinely have a real understanding of the market and what it takes to make money in one of the most difficult climates ever seen, and believe me they do make money because both have adapted to the climate around them…they are a very clever pair and people I hold in high regard.

One thing they have done is choose wisely about the way they are authorised, which is via a network, and they have chosen to stay with Intrinsic who I personally regard as the best network around…not because they offer the best deal or have the most generous commission terms but because the Management team actually have got brains from the top. Lord Sandy Leach and Kevin Ronaldson, through to the MD Richard Freeman and Sale Director Steve Fryett, down to the Regional Sales Directors such as Paul Flemming and not forgetting John Hayden, who heads up more than just the Mortgage proposition. These guys offer a comprehensive and safe route to market with advice and guidance second to none. If you are considering a network then this would be better than just a halfway house and I would urge you to at least give them more than a cursory glance. I genuinely mean this through first-hand experience!! I think even my old mate Juppy would agree with this…surprisingly!

Anyway, enough of the sucking up, I hope everyone bothering to read has had a good start to the year, as we have, and that it continues.



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