Pritchard's Piece: Over & Out

Pritchard's Piece: Over & Out


 Well that's it then... found out at last that they have fired me. It was only a matter of time I suppose... Juppy will be pleased (lanky bas___d).

These are my last words for Bridging & Commercial as I get moved towards the door. I feel like an ageing footballer at the end of his career who is too stubborn to call it a day but who is too slow to play at the top level... (a bit like the Manchester United team at the moment). I don't want any of you to feel sorry for me, although I will put my bank details on Linked-in so that any donations can be sent... bottles will also be accepted and can be sent to the offices of the publication. For guidance only, I prefer St Emillion, or a nice Faustini 1 Rioja… for those that have still got some real money, Krug is my favourite Champers. 

For my last words I would like to sign off with something positive, but I find it hard to dig something out amid the gloom that has come out over the past few days. France and Spain have been down-graded, Portugal is now at junk bond status and, like the famous 70’s song, ‘Greece is the word’ - that country could potentially sink like the Titanic. However, even though nobody likes us, we will be the first in line to offer a helping hand. 

I have said many times in this blog that brokers need to be more pro-active rather than re-active and this is getting even more important as things move on this year. Lenders also need to be more conscious of the changing environment especially where regulation is concerned and with all due respect, spend more time looking at how full regulation WILL affect them sooner rather than later. 

I will leave you with one last thought... "if you want to get ahead get an edge" (Terry Pritchard, 1997) and that quote still stands. If you want to survive then you must be ahead of the game or you will fail. This is not my opinion, this is fact and it's something you all need to listen to. 

On the social front I had lunch in Pizza Hut at the weekend I ordered a thin and crispy Supreme... 

They brought out Diana Ross... Boom Boom!

Bye Bye 

Terry Pritchard (RIP)


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