Simple Bridging - Open for Business

Simple Bridging - Open for Business


Simple Bridging Limited was formed in May 2011 to offer brokers and introducers access to private bridging funds for commercial and residential investment properties.

Funded by equity from international financial institutions, Simple Bridging Limited's team have over 50 years experience in the financial services sector.

B&C spoke to Simple Bridging Limited about its products, advertising, fees and how 2012 is set to be an exciting year with the start of their recruitment drive.

Simple Bridging said: "We took the decision not to do any form of advertising initially as we were inundated with enquiries from our existing contacts and wanted to progress slowly ensuring that we had all our systems in place and could offer a good service to our brokers.  We had a fabulous 2011, exceeding all our expectations on enquiries and completions and have already got off to a great start for 2012!

"Unlike some other bridging houses, we can offer bridging finance in Scotland which is where some of our higher advance loans were completed in 2011 and as we use equity to fund our loan, we are able to be more flexible with our lending decisions.  As we all know, there is no such thing as a straight forward deal and sometimes a more ‘commercial’ lending mind is required to complete the deal.

"All interest and fees (except for a valuation fee and the clients own legal fees) are deducted from the gross advance, so the client will not make any monthly repayments to us during the term and therefore proof of income is NOT required.

"Clients have also been taking advantage of the fact that we will work off the 90 day market valuation and NOT the purchase price which is ideal for properties being purchased at a discounted price.

"We can offer first charge loans against investment properties or commercial properties up to a maximum of 65 per cent of the 90 day value for loans from £50,000 – £2million (subject to criteria)

"2012 will be an exciting year for us as we watch the company grow and start our recruitment drive of new staff." is up and running and brokers can either submit an On Line Application or download a PDF of the paper application if necessary.


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