Rob's Blog: Introducing Martin O'Neill, the 'gentle giant'

Rob's Blog: Introducing Martin O'Neill, the 'gentle giant'


Nice to meet you all!

This is my first blog for Bridging & Commercial

having been writing for the last 4 months for MediaNett’s sister publication Bridging & Commercial Distributor

. I’m not convinced that the people that will be reading this will be much different in number and name from the other site but as a good mannered gentleman let me take the view that they are and that we haven’t been introduced.

I am the MD of Specialist Distributor, Brightstar Financial and have been involved in lending for a few years; In fact in 2012 I enter my third decade in it. I run my business from offices in Brentwood, Essex with a small team of fail smelling men. When people refer to me as a ‘giant’ they don’t mean the size of anything other than my height as I am 6ft 8. That said, my football team is Brighton and Hove Albion and I am pretty much seen by everyone, other than my enemies (of which I have a few) as a fun loving, soft hearted, dare I say it, ‘gentle giant.’ Right, introduction over!

Firstly, may I thank ‘The Jockey’s Agent’, ’El Tel Pritchard’ for writing his blog for as long as he has. Not only does he provide me with an endless supply of hilarious anecdotes to write about he is also one of the hardest working guys I know and to have fitted in the commitment of this article for as long as he has deserves acknowledgement. To use a sporting analogy, I feel like Martin O’Neill at Sunderland now, having replaced Steve Bruce!

I will try and use this article not just as a shameless, free plug for my own fledgling business but also to try and talk about my own experiences, which I hope will provide some comfort and the occasional irritation to my peers. Can I be clear, everything I write about I mean but please bear in mind that most of the time I am trying to have a comical edge so no solicitors letters please as life is too short (no pun intended)!

Anyway, as I wrote last just over a week ago on Bridging & Commercial Distributor

you will have to wait until next week before the fun really starts. Remember lenders, a great way to protect your businesses from easy criticism is to continue to be fair and give good customer service and then you’ll have nothing to worry about…

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