C&G Adviser waved through apps to hit bonus

C&G Adviser waved through apps to hit bonus


An unscrupulous Mortgage Adviser at a major UK building society who overlooked fraudulent mortgage applications has been given an eight month suspended sentence for helping a crooked duo obtain over £700,000 in loans, reported The Manchester Evening News yesterday.

In an attempt to earn thousands in bonuses for reaching her targets, Anna-Marie Fletcher, Mortgage Adviser at Cheltenham and Gloucester in Farnworth, allowed con artist brothers Billy Blue Ingham and Bobbie Jo Ingham to receive financing for a number of property purchases in the Salford area of Manchester.

The mortgage application submitted by the pair included a number of false claims, including fabricated incomes which were conveniently overlooked by Fletcher, 33, who later admitted to false accounting in the hearing at Manchester Crown Court.

The Manchester Evening News further reported that Billy Blue Ingham, 31, lied about his income on his first application to C&G to buy his partner’s home in 2008, and was able to obtain a mortgage for more than what the property was actually worth.

Astonishingly, only one month later he filed another application to C&G for a mortgage to buy another property without disclosing the previous loan he had obtained.

Billy Blue Ingham’s brother soon followed suit. Bobbie Jo Ingham, 32, applied for mortgages on buy-to-let properties, which Fletcher also neglected to fully audit in order to meet her targets.

The brothers went on to work together to receive two more mortgages on properties in the area.


The Manchester Evening News recounted the sentencing for the pair, who have been jailed for between 18 and 21 months for their respective parts in the scandal. 

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