Dragonfly unveils new deal calculators

Dragonfly unveils new deal calculators


In an effort to help brokers crunch the numbers when working through deals with their clients, short and medium-term lender,

Dragonfly Property Finance

, has added three new calculators to its website.

● The Retained Interest Calculator enables you to gross up a loan where interest is to be retained

● The Net Loan Calculator lets you work out the Net Loan Advance after all deductions, e.g. legal, admin and broker fees

● The Maximum Loan Advance helps you calculate the maximum advance based on rental income on Buy-To-Let and HMO loans

Mark Posniak, Head of Marketing & Operations, Dragonfly Property Finance, commented:

“We launched these calculators to offer a simple way for brokers to crunch the numbers and work out every last detail of a deal. Anything we can do that makes life easier for the broker, and enables the client to be informed about the total cost of a loan even quicker, we’ll do it. Transparency and total awareness of cost are key.”

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