Rob's Blog: Manic Monday

Rob's Blog: Manic Monday


When I think of Mondays I don’t normally think of The Boom Town Rats or The Bangles. I think of the relief that my poor wife (known as The Current Mrs Jupp or CMJ for short) doesn’t have, in that I can go back to work and leave the madness of ‘The Jupp Household’ behind for the rest of the working week, when on Friday evening the fun starts again. So what happened this Monday?

My day started abruptly with my eldest son James, 7, waking CMJ and myself up at 6am dressed in full alpine survival gear, head to toe. I tried to explain that it wasn’t considered good parenting for me to accompany him in a Nordic survival march at said hour.

I than managed to be the ‘perfect gentleman’ at Shenfield station where I stood aside and let every man, women and beast go before me onto a very packed commuter service. Some two hours later I found myself in Mayfair at the offices of a leading global Private Bank assisting a broker and her client in obtaining a £12 million debt facility. That felt like a good day’s work but such is the unpredictable nature of my job I was on the phone to a bringing lender within the hour assisting them in getting a £40,000 loan off their loan books, putting my feet firmly back on the ground.

After watching my son’s investiture this evening as a Beaver Scout (why is the talk of my son liking Beavers deemed so funny?) I am once again back at Brightstar HQ starting a day’s work.

The morale of my story is what you ask? Well quite simply, this is certainly not the most glamorous job in the world; of course that belongs to being Britain’s latest professional footballer, three Michelin Star Chef, turned Astronaut, Terry Pritchard, but in the absence of being such an ‘industry untouchable’ today has confirmed why, like so many of my peers, I love my job. It’s difficult to think of any career that could offer so much excitement, frustration, elation and despair.  Just when you think you’ve had enough something wonderful happens and I feel lucky indeed in ‘the hand’ that our maker has given me. 

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