Rob's Blog: Predictions for BDM of the year

Rob's Blog: Predictions for BDM of the year


Before I upset some more of you by not mentioning you this week I wanted to use this article to praise service I’ve had from Gavin Diamond and his team from Cheval in the past week. Gavin picked up the phone to me several weeks ago and asked why we weren’t supporting them as well as some of their peers. A few days later they have a big case from us and they have really impressed me with their efficiency and service thus far.

So, after last week’s unofficial nominations for The Bridging and Commercial Awards 2012, I wanted to look at another very closely contested award category, ‘Bridging BDM of the year’. The good news is that whoever wins this can guarantee to double their salary and become the ‘highest paid person in bridging’ like last year’s recipient allegedly did.

Rob Love – United Trust Bank

Rob ticks all of the nominations boxes; he is professional, diligent, hardworking and fantastic on a night out and really wants this award. On DIP responses in the last week he has even gone to asking for nominations on the terms sheet.

Gareth Lewis – Precise

Last year’s winner whilst at TIUTA, Gareth has had a fantastic 12 months. He remains ever popular within the community and has assisted Precise from being a new entrant in bridging to one of the market leaders in less than a year.

Richard Deacon  - Masthaven

Rich won’t want to put himself forward for this because he is Masthaven’s Sales Director but with his boss going for the senior awards Rich may be left out which is a shame. Rich leads the line for Masthaven really well and has been a major reason why they have had such a halcyon year.

Chris Parr – Masthaven

The quality of Masthaven is such that they are the only bridging lender with two entrants in my top seven. Chris takes care of the Northern part of Andrew’s empire and from what we hear, has built up quite a following over the past 12 months.

Lorenzo Satchell – Blemain

Lorenzo is relatively new to bridging but has fitted into his new role so well that he deserves to be on this list. Always keen to get deals through Lorenzo is a real ‘people person’

Gordon Rae – Cheval

Our token Scotsman in the list, Gordon has worked tirelessly to promote his Cheval brand since joining from competitors TIUTA.

Elliot Hymes – Dragonfly

Again, like Richard Deacon, Elliot as Head of Sales may not appreciate his nomination but sadly for him there isn’t an award for ‘most time in front of the mirror’ so this is likely to be the only category that Mr Hymes qualifies for. All joking aside, Elliot is a consummate professional and remains crucial to Dragonfly’s’ consolidation of the bridging summit.

As I said last week, the above is just one person’s opinion and the only way that the above win, or others not mentioned (sorry) get a chance is with your nominations so please make the effort and support those that you feel deserve it the most.

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