Rob's Blog: A strange seven days

Rob's Blog: A strange seven days


There's nothing like a great surprise to knock you off your feet and I received one of biblical proportions when I won Mortgage Personality of the Year at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane in The Mortgage Strategy 2012 Awards. It was lovely to be presented with my gong by long-time friend, Alan Cleary from Precise Mortgages – although a kiss isn't my preferred method of congratulations when addressing a technical giant. When asked why I won the award by a close friend, I said it was the 'tells a good story and gets his round in award' but it was great to get this and win an award for the first time in five years.

I was also delighted to be asked to join the Executive Committee of the AOBP and hope I can assist in a small way the excellent work that the existing guys have done since its formation. Can I take this opportunity to wish Adrian Bloomfield, CEO of ASTL all the very best. I know this organisation has its critics but the industry is certainly in a better place as a result of its existence. I enjoyed a nice breakfast as Adrian's guest at The Ritz last year; we were the odd couple, standing at nearly ten foot between us.

Today we launched an interest only, 80 per cent Loan to Value product for self-employed clients with just 12 months trading with no early repayment term. When Brightstar formed in January 2011 critics suggested that my peers and I had no value; 14 months later I hope the same individuals accept they were wrong!

Thanks to The Jockey's Agent for his nice words in BCD. Despite public misconception, Terry and I go back more years then I can mention and he remains one of the nicest guys in the industry; that is apart from when he gave me what he told me was Nurofen for my headache in a Dubai nightclub. Suffice to say that it was an 'arousing' experience and one that kept me out of my speedo's the next day around the pool. Ha, happy days!

Well done to Enterprise Finance and Dragonfly for winning The Short Term Broker and Lender Award respectively, at the Mortgage Strategy event. The former mention might surprise a few of you especially when they beat Brightstar in to second place but I had a nice chat with Danny prior to the awards and we will have a bit of dinner together in the next few months. I'll look forward to locking horns with North London's finest in the summer at the Bridging and Commercial Awards!

Have a good week everyone.


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    Congratulations Rob, really glad you won the award. It good to see the nice guys win the awards.

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