Precise unveils streamlined bridging website

Precise unveils streamlined bridging website


After a very successful start in the bridging market, one of the industry’s leading bridging and short-term lenders,

Precise Mortgages

, has re-launched its website, which is now live. We spoke to Alan Cleary, Managing Director, to find out more…


new look website

went live earlier this week on Tuesday April 24.

B&C asked how long the planned website re-launch had been in the pipeline. Alan replied: “As a fleet-of-foot company, we listen to broker feedback and can implement changes straight away. In fact, we built the new website in just two weeks.”

The newly improved layout and navigation of the site should enhance the broker experience. Precise has created new specialised pages for its products and has an easier access to key information for brokers, which also highlights the use for bridging products via a new page. Throughout the site, this key information is just one click away.

Alan also explained: “As a specialist lender, it’s important for us to separate our products and highlight our product niches. We conducted great analysis on broker navigation habits and assessed which types of information are used the most and discovered what is needed.

“The results from this helped to build the structure and content for our new homepage.”

Some of the key improvements include:

- A New Landing Page: Once a broker goes to the website they can select to view Bridging or Near Prime & BTL products;

- A Bridging Product Page: Precise has developed a new bridging product page and a downloadable pdf document to host key product and criteria information;

- A Document Library: Precise has created a document library which is now listed in order according to bridging product type;

- Simpler Navigation: Menu options and key information is now hosted throughout the site and is only one click away for brokers.

There are no current plans for future developments at this stage but Alan did disclose that, as their proposition continues to grow, he has, “no doubt that there will be further developments along the way”.

Alan added: “We are constantly looking for ways to make brokers’ lives easier and we have revamped the website so that the most frequently used items are either on the homepage or are just one click away. It may only save a few seconds, but for brokers who use us regularly it will make a big difference.”

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