TMA looking to build bridges

TMA looking to build bridges



The Mortgage Alliance (TMA) is looking to ramp up its bridging finance proposition after entering into talks with a number of specialist providers.


TMA has a bridging finance partnership already in place with Cheval but has confirmed it is currently looking to expand this proposition for its members.


TMA Bridging was introduced to meet the needs of members by offering a wealth of experience, innovative products, flexible underwriting and competitive deals. However, at a time when it is vital for mortgage intermediaries to make every client interaction count, TMA believes that building even stronger and more flexible bridging propositions could help negate the prospect of members losing a potential sale.


Phil Whitehouse, Head of TMA, commented:

“Options and choice are valuable commodities in the modern mortgage market and bridging finance is a viable option for brokers if their clients need to borrow short-term finance quickly to solve a range of potential deal breaking issues.

“We are looking into expanding our offering in this sector but as with anything it is vital that we choose our partnerships wisely and we are undertaking strict due diligence procedures before entering into such a partnership. Bridging finance remains a good option but it may not be for everyone and it is important that brokers and bridging providers fully understand the full implications of what the finance is being used for and if this is the best option available.”

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