Samuels Says: It's not over...

It's not over...

Inflation dropped by half a per cent in April to 3 per cent, from 3.5 per cent the month before, which will have pleased outgoing Governor Mervyn King and be a fillip to the beleaguered UK consumer.

But hold your horses a minute; we'll come back to inflation and the state of the economy later. First of all there are far more important matters to discuss, namely the upcoming Bridging & Commercial Awards. 

Like many others in the specialist finance sector, we are looking forward to June's awards ceremony with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. 

The competition in the industry is intensifying all the time and there is now real strength in depth across all of the categories. Nobody can take anything for granted. This is great to see and shows that the sector has huge potential. 

We work with a number of companies across several of the categories and wish them all the best. We're in the game for a few awards ourselves and it would be great to see Elliot Hyames grab the Bridging BDM of the Year award. 

But again, the competition in that category is incredibly tough and it's not over until the fat lady — or Mo anyway — sings! 

Anyway, it's not long to go now so I look forward to meeting you all there for a drink and to catch up. 

So where was I? That's right, inflation. 

A rare piece of good news came in this week when the Office for National Statistics revealed that inflation fell sharply in April. This is good for the consumer and good for the economy. 

The only hope is that it continues in this downward direction because the one thing holding the economy back right now is the lack of consumer spending power and confidence caused by high inflation. 

Unfortunately, what's most predictable about the current climate is its sheer unpredictability. If the Grexit does happen then who knows how things will pan out over the course of the next few years?

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