'Mole Man's' iconic £750k home up for auction

'Mole Man's' iconic £750k home up for auction


 The former home of the eccentric ‘Mole Man’ - the man who built a 60-foot underground network of tunnels beneath his Hackney property - has been put up for sale at auction.

As previously reported in B&C Distributor, the Mole Man gained worldwide fame for the network of tunnels he spent 40 years digging beneath his house.

The sale will take place next month and, according to reports in the Daily Mail, the East London property is expected to sell for around £750,000. The building went on sale last year for £500,000 but no deal resulted.

William Lyttle, dubbed ‘Mole Man’ died in June 2010. He was evicted from the Hackney property on the grounds of safety risks in 2006 after Hackney Council discovered what he had been doing.

However, the reports confirmed that the network of tunnels have since been filled with concrete by the council for safety reasons.

Despite Mole Man’s underground exploits leaving a bill of £408,000, the site, the title reported, now has planning permission for two town houses with basements, replacing the dilapidated property.

Sean King of estate agent Move with Us was reported to have commented: “Putting the property up for auction is the best option to achieve the maximum property price. We expect lots of interest in the sale. The property is prime real estate in Hackney with the added cachet of being the 'Mole Man's former house.”

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