Martin's Mailbox: Gawd bless 'er…

Martin's Mailbox: Gawd bless 'er…


How time flies. Just a week ago I was looking forward to dinner with those lovely folk from B&C, and a double weekend courtesy of Her Majesty. (Tut… don’t you realise just how much that extra day off is costing the economy?)


The dinner went well. Taking place in a little-known but consistently good London eatery, it gave me and a couple of colleagues an opportunity to relax with B&C’s famed editorial team, and so, with our very own Bob Sturges’ faultless selection of the appropriate wine, the evening got under way.


Greatly enjoying the company of our guests, I was reminded how fortunate we are in bridging to have the benefit of well-informed and seriously interested commentators. They’re an important component of our sector, and help shine a spotlight on our activities. This may not please everyone, but I believe we’re all the better for it. So keep up the good work, I say.


Certainly keeping up her end is Our Liz. Phil may have been struck down with a little problem in the plumbing department, but that didn’t stop Her Majesty from delivering a master class in how-to-be-a-Head of State. Faultless.


The bank holiday weekend’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations offered a welcome respite from the almost incessant economic doom and gloom. I have a confession to make at this point: as a youth, I wasn’t a fan of the Royal Family. The ‘God Save The Queen’ closest to my heart was ‘sung’ by one Johnny Rotten and certainly wasn’t the version we heard lustily belted-out last weekend.

However, now being much older and wiser (well, older anyway) I’ve come to appreciate the benefits which the monarchy brings to this country. Having a head of state above party politics is certainly one of them, and given the lamentable performance of politicians of all parties in recent years, this is a blessing. 


So, driving around south-west London at the weekend and seeing the street parties, bunting and smiles despite the rain, I mused that far from being divisive, the monarchy is a good thing and that the Jubilee has, in fact, brought communities closer together. 


It also gave people the chance to celebrate what is good and unique about these islands we live in. But by Monday evening, having endured the Jubilee concert, there was only so much Gary Barlow I could take - my inner punk was re-ignited and I was left reaching for my old Sex Pistols records.


But enough already. Now back to business… 

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