Exclusive: Tiuta secures vital cash injection

Exclusive: Tiuta secures vital cash injection


Bridging lender 

Tiuta Plc

 has just announced that it has secured a seven-figure business financing sum following an internal restructure of the company.

The sum aims to deliver financial security and stability to the company and is designed to achieve efficiency in all areas of the business.

Tiuta has also confirmed that it is in the final stages of discussions with a number of potential funders and it anticipates announcements of significant funding lines to come shortly.

At present Tiuta has ongoing funding lines from Baltic International Bank and a Central London Investment Fund.

The lender has recently revealed that it has secured a new funding line from the Central London Investment Fund and subsequently has launched a product range targeting large loans on high-end development properties.

In addition, Tiuta has also confirmed that Connaught Asset Management has now taken over its loan books made through Connaught’s Series 1 and Series 2 Income Funds. However, Connaught is undertaking an orderly wind down of these books which will deliver maximum value to its investors. 

Commenting on these announcements, Steven Nicholas, Chief Executive of Tiuta, said: “This is a positive moment for Tiuta and our new seven-figure business financing arrangement secures our status for the foreseeable future.  This, along with the fact Connaught Asset Management has taken over the loan books associated with Series 1 and 2, allows us to focus completely on our existing and new funding lines. 

“We continue to have strong support from the likes of Baltic International Bank and other funding lines and we are on the verge of announcing some exciting news about new funding lines which we are looking forward to utilising.  At present our focus is on the large bridging loan marketplace and this will remain the case.

“We have had a long and healthy relationship with Connaught Asset Management and will continue to do so. However, from a funding line point of view we part on good terms and are currently focused on our existing and new arrangements.  Our recent internal restructure ensures that we have ‘right-sized’ the business for our existing needs and we will now forge ahead focusing on our product range and our on-going ability to offer quality bridging finance to a range of existing and new borrowers.”


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