Olympic expo sparks exclusive bridging relationship

Olympic expo sparks exclusive bridging relationship


South coast mortgage packager Complete FS launched its own bridging proposition on March 27th this year, entering the market with a panel of bridging lenders, including Masthaven Bridging Finance, who organised an exclusive product with them. Last month, the Complete FS Olympic Expo was held. Richard Angell, Business Development Manager at Masthaven, was invited to present to the attendees on the day. With this in mind, B&C heard from Richard about the day itself and received an update on business since the Expo…

Above: Richard Angell, BDM at Masthaven, speaking at the Complete FS Olympic Expo

It’s always good to be a part of a success story, and the best success stories are the ones that involve teamwork.

Apologies to all Spurs and United fans out there, but you only have to look at the recent football success enjoyed by Chelsea and Manchester City to see that getting a strong group together combined with excellent planning, trust, coaching and hard work will reap the rewards.

We were delighted to be invited by Directors Phil Jay and Tony Salentino and their team to speak at the Complete FS Olympic Expo recently. The day was an outstanding success for us, with a number of enquiries and a lot of interest in our product range from the attendees.  More importantly, it was the start of a momentum-building level of interest in bridging finance from Complete FS brokers.

Since the Expo, I have spent a lot of time with Phil and Tony and the rest of the team at Complete FS getting a real understanding of their business. Distributors, like this company, are really important to us, distributing our products to a wider audience.  A distributor’s ability to effectively manage the bridging finance enquiry and also ensure that the refinance exit route is in place adds real value and provides a first class service, not only to the borrower but also to the broker and ourselves.

As a team, Masthaven and Complete FS have worked hard to educate brokers about bridging finance and our transparent award-winning approach to lending. We have both spent a lot of time talking about bridging finance in general, as well as specific enquiries. I have also been along to Complete FS HQ and spent time training and coaching the team on bridging finance and the Masthaven proposition. This was really important because we discussed ‘real life’ case studies and shared knowledge. The main thing that came out of our training was the discovery that once a broker starts to get a real understanding of a product they can appreciate that many clients will have a need for short term finance at some point.

I think that it’s fair to say that we have built up a great level of trust – to such an extent that I have even actually visited the top-performing Complete FS brokers to discuss our product range and illustrate to them the benefits of using the combined expertise of our two organisations.  Myself and the team at Complete FS regularly feed back to each other about the outcomes of the meetings and work together to deliver the best possible solution for our customer: you. 

Tomorrow, I am attending a presentation with Phil Jay at one of Complete FS’ top accounts, and we will listen and then talk about how bridging finance can become a profitable part of this broker’s product portfolio.

It’s been great to see the bridging finance enquiries and, more importantly, applications from Complete FS increasing. We are delighted that using the principles of planning, trust, coaching and hard work has meant that Masthaven and Complete FS are able to introduce bridging finance to a wider audience.  Also, we are pleased to confirm that we are talking to a number of distributors and networks who are looking to replicate this success.

Phil Jay, Director at Complete Financial Services, added: “At Complete, we have seen short term finance quickly become a very strong business proposition, which complements the other products we offer. Last month we held a very well-attended sales event which focused on generating opportunities in various markets. Since this event we have seen a significant increase in bridging enquiries. We have also submitted business to our lender partners, especially Masthaven - who have not only delivered a great service but given Complete an exclusive product offering.”

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