Website slip-up exposes £1m mortgage fraud

Website slip-up exposes £1m mortgage fraud


A man has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after his role in a mortgage scam worth almost £1 million came to light because of a mistake on a website.

Businessman Carl Hughes reportedly asked his secretary Gaynor Grundy, who has since been given a community order, to download fake documents from the internet. He then used these for two remortgage applications worth £500,000.

Hughes applied for the first remortgage in his own name, and the second under his ex-wife’s name; she was not involved in the fraud.

However the scam was exposed because the fake documents downloaded from the internet mistakenly claimed that Barclays has a branch in Staffordshire village Brocton. Inquiries were then made, which discovered that both remortgage applications misrepresented the financial situations of the clients.

Hughes admitted two offences of fraud by false representation by using false documents in support of mortgage applications in September 2009, the Express and Star reports.

45-year old Hughes is now beginning his two-and-a- half year jail term, whilst 64-year Grundy, who admitted two charges of supplying false documents for fraud, was given 250 hours’ community work.

According to the Express and Star, Hughes’ solicitor revealed that his wife had left him and he was being treated for depression.


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