Omni and Asgard complete £8.4m bridging loan

Omni and Asgard complete £8.4m bridging loan


In a fine example of the unique value of intermediary-lender co-operation, a specialist mortgage consultancy, Asgard Capital, and short-term lender, Omni Capital, have combined resources and expertise to complete in just three weeks a complex, multi-million pound bridging loan.

Valued at £8.4 million, with a loan-to-value of 75 per cent, the first-charge loan is secured on two distinct properties located in prime west London. A monthly interest rate of 1.25 per cent was agreed with the client.

The deal was introduced to bridging lender Omni Capital by Asgard Capital, a City of London-based mortgage consultancy specialising in the provision of bespoke financial advice to high and ultra-high net worth clients. No other intermediary was involved.

Presented with a number of significant legal, technical and structural challenges from the outset, Asgard and Omni Capital co-operated to an exceptional degree to bring the highly-nuanced case to completion in a three-week timeframe. In doing so, they underscored the value of partnership between specialist lender and introducer; and delivered a satisfactory outcome for the client.

Matthew Van Lorson, Director of Asgard Capital, said: “We have established an excellent relationship with Omni Capital. Their entrepreneurial approach and understanding of complicated deal structures is above and beyond other lenders at this level.”

Colin Sanders, Chief Executive Officer of Omni Capital, said: “This case highlights to very good effect why professional intermediaries are of such importance to the bridging sector. Through a combined effort, we were able to navigate our way through a complexly-structured deal involving a number of legal entities to achieve a positive result.”

He added: “Very few large bridging loans come without significant challenges, and this was no exception. But Omni Capital is deservedly recognised as a lending specialist in this field, and one with the funds available to match its appetite. Our relationship with Asgard Capital continues to flourish, and we look forward to helping them deliver similar outcomes in the near future.”

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