Simple steps to enhance the speed of completion

Simple steps to enhance the speed of completion


In an increasingly computerised world, with the introduction of online registered titles, credit searches and automated valuations, Ian Broadbent, Director of lender Holme Finance Bridging Solutions, examines how bridging has changed in the past 20 years...

It can often seem more frustrating, complicated and time-consuming to arrange bridging finance than it was two decades ago.

Whilst clearly regulation does have its part to play, the reality is that much is still unregulated. In fact, it is funders’ increasing caution that has the most extensive implications on the legal requirements of a case.

At Holme Finance Bridging Solutions, we are fortunate in that we are almost uniquely privately funded and able to take a wholly commercial view in relation to our requirements - in most cases avoiding solicitors altogether! We do appreciate that many bridging loan lenders, whilst keen to lend, may be somewhat “hamstrung” by the requirements of their funder. 

Having spent many years in the sector, with a number of strong relationships with other bridging lenders, experience has taught us that a number of simple steps can enhance the speed and ratio of completions - after all, this is what our client wants - so perhaps when forwarding an application, you may want to consider the following:

- Has the application form been thoroughly completed together with any additional information you may feel relevant? Have ancillary documents been provided, such as copy leases etc?

- Have you chosen the right lender? Most lenders are keen to increase volumes, but often legal representation lets them down. A lender needs a good working relationship with solicitors.

- Does the client’s solicitor have relevant experience? A good solicitor can make weeks of difference.

In a time when your clients’ expectations have, rightly, never been higher, these simple steps could be the difference between you and your competitors.  Of course, if your clients’ borrowing needs are smaller and the need more urgent there is another way: Holme Finance Bridging Solutions!


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