Martin's Mailbox: It's good to talk

Martin's Mailbox: It's good to talk


One mark of an industry that is comfortable with itself is the free and frank exchange of views and information. I don’t think I’m being too controversial when I suggest this may not always have been the case in bridging. But I’m encouraged, and personally delighted, that this state of affairs continues to improve.

The first step in the process – and a major one at that – was the formation of trade associations. The NACFB has been around for a while but has a focus and remit wider than just bridging. More recently, two specialist bridging bodies – the astl and AOBP – have formed to represent lenders and intermediaries respectively.

One essential service provided by any trade body worthy of the name is to offer a platform for member communication. It can come in different shapes and form, but the purpose is the same; to stimulate debate, discussion and decisions regarding matters of importance and relevance. As bridging continues to expand and raise its profile, there has never been a better time to start talking.

A recently-announced event promises to help us do just this. The AOBP is launching a nationwide series of road shows aimed at informing the broker community about the multi-faceted benefits that bridging can provide.

I applaud the objectives and motivation behind such initiatives. Whether or not you find yourself directly involved, it can only be a good thing to see the industry coming together at a time when it finds itself increasingly in the spotlight. 

We hope to play our part in the road shows. We also look forward to working with Benson Hersch, the new Chief Executive of the astl, to help him realise the trade body’s full potential as a progressive and constructive force in bridging. I know many of our peers will do the same.

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