NACFB - The 6 month roundup

NACFB - The 6 month roundup

Since the start of 2012, the NACFB – currently celebrating its 20th year – has undergone a number of changes, including, perhaps most significantly, an announcement about the Association's.


Since the start of 2012, the NACFB – currently celebrating its 20th year – has undergone a number of changes, including, perhaps most significantly, an announcement about the Association’s forthcoming relocation to the capital. At B&C we thought it was time we took a look back at what 2012 has held for the NACFB so far, and a peek ahead at what the remainder of the year may have in store...



Back in March, the Association was active in submitting a response to the FSA after a meeting with the regulator to discuss its Mortgage Market Review (MMR) proposals. Chief Executive Adam Tyler, who sent a 7,000 word response to the authority, said at the time: “As an association, providing self-regulation to the sector, we are very pleased with the outcome of our discussions and feel appreciated for the work that we do across all aspects of commercial finance. The provision of self-regulation by the NACFB is an important part of the whole industry and will be needed for many years to come.”



The NACFB is also celebrating its 20 year milestone, and a number of new offerings have been created this year to reflect this. The third annual Expo was held at the Birmingham NEC on June 26th – with the largest turnout yet (there were 73 confirmed exhibitors and more than 900 registered brokers). 



Not only were numerous leads made on the day, but the Association also announced the creation of its obligatory commercial broker qualification, designed to ensure brokers work to a professional standard, and to keep them up-to-date with any regulatory or industry changes. The Certificate in Business Banking and Conduct, created in conjunction with the Institute of Financial Services and high street banks, is the equivalent of the CeMAP 3.



Further, this year has seen the ‘sprucing up’ of the Association website, with the introduction of training device ‘Moodle’ to make it more user-friendly and fit for purpose. It will also be compulsory for all members to be trained in anti-money laundering and data protection annually, brokers heard at the Expo.



The NACFB’s presence in Westminster has also been felt, as the Association was specifically invited to arrange an alternative lending conference – the Genesis Initiative Conference. The event, held in June, served to highlight the help that Association brokers can give to struggling SMEs; funders present included Aldemore Bank, Shawbrook Bank, Funding Circle, Deutsche Bank and Investec Bank.



Probably the most significant news from the NACFB so far this year, however, is the announcement surrounding its move to London. The Association has been based in Exeter for most of its 20 years, but the increasing amount of time spent in the capital, lobbying at Westminster and meeting with existing and new members, led to the decision to move the head office to central London. 



Looking ahead to the remainder of the year, the Association is hosting a London Workshop followed by a Drinks Reception in the new offices on September 26th, to celebrate its relocation. It will also be hosting a 20th anniversary Gala Dinner on November 23rd, after the Annual General Meeting (AGM). With four months left of 2012, and major events like the AGM still to come, the NACFB looks set to continue making headlines as new announcements are made and new initiatives launched.



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