Fantasy Football: August's Manager of the Month

Fantasy Football: August's Manager of the Month



Today, B&C can announce the first winner of this year’s industry-only Manager of the Month competition, within the Fantasy Football Premier League, the largest fantasy football game in the world.


Masthaven is providing each Manager of the Month, from August 2012 through to April 2013, with a bottle of Bollinger champagne, and there is a very special prize for the Manager of the Season which will be decided in May 2013.

Commenting on the win, Richard Deacon, Sales and Marketing Director at Masthaven Bridging Finance, said: “Congratulations to Neale Duck of Brightstar, whose team ‘SuperDucks’, registered a total of 147 points for August.”

From next month, B&C will feature a table of the top 10 managers in the league, which will be updated at the end of every Game Month.

The ten footballers who amassed the most points in the first month of the 2012/13 season were:

Hazard (1 goal, 6 assists: 34 points), Ivanovic (2 goals: 30 points), Michu (3 goals, 1 assist: 28 points), N. Dyer (2 goals, 1 assist: 22 points), Torres (2 goals, 1 assist: 20 points), Rangel (1 goal: 19 points), Tevez (2 goals, 1 assist: 18 points), Petric (2 goals, 1 assist: 18 points), Fellaini (2 goals: 18 points), and Lampard (2 goals: 17 points)

If you haven’t registered your team yet, simply visit and join the exclusive B&C league by entering the unique PIN: 795109-200686.

You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and there are valuable bragging points to be won across the industry! So, what are you waiting for, join today!

PLEASE NOTE: In order for Masthaven Bridging Finance to get in touch with the winners, please could all league members send their name, team name, company and email address to: [email protected]



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    Pete postlethwaite

    Neale Duck is very short compared to Richard Deacon... Is Deacon standing on a box?

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