Brown: “Britain is the stable economy”

Brown: “Britain is the stable economy”


In a testament to positive thinking bordering on delusion, Gordon Brown has called the British economy one of the most stable in the world. Of course, that doesn’t promise all that much in a global financial meltdown.

The BBC interview saw the Prime Minister face uncomfortable truths about our present situation and the threat of recession, yet he refused to issue a single negative comment about the economic downturn, prompting the question to be raised about where his confidence in the economy actually comes from. Does he know something he’s not telling the rest of us as we pull our hair out over soaring food and oil prices, plummeting shares and failing banks?


On the back of the announcement that deposits up to £50,000 will be protected, he reassured the public once again that Labour will do “whatever is necessary and however it is necessary to ensure stability.”


However he resolutely dodged the question of whether it was time to be honest about just how grave the economic situation is getting. Almost squirming in his chair, he reiterated “this is the time to roll up our sleeves and sort out the system and that’s what I’m doing.” Not allowing himself to be drawn in any further, he appeared on edge and irritable about the continued questioning of his simple, sunny skies, stance. Still, it’s becoming ever clearer that his bright forecast can’t disguise the storm clouds overhead.


Louise Fernley


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