10 Questions with Joanne Parr of Goldentree Financial Services

10 Questions with Joanne Parr of Goldentree Financial Services


Joanna Parr, Business Development Manager at Goldentree Financial Services, gives us an insight into her new role at the lender, her ideal dinner guests and how her career could have been very different...

B&C: How did you start out in this industry, and how did you come to work with Goldentree?

JP: I joined the bank at the age of 16 and progressed to assistant manager in their processing unit. I then left the bank in 2000 and was approached by the co-secretary at Goldentree Financial Services for the position of office manager.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A pole-dancer!

After spending 10 years as an Office Manager, did it feel like a natural progression to becoming part of the Sales Team?

Moving from admin to sales is certainly a challenge but I’m excited at the prospect of bringing further business to Goldentree. The transition has been made all the more easy as I’ve already been with the company for ten years and have two excellent colleagues in Simon and Gary.

If you were an animal what would you be?

A Bengal tiger: strong but still graceful.

What’s the most exciting thing about working in this industry?

Every day as every case presents different and interesting challenges.

If there was a film made of your life, who would play the lead role?

Sandra Bullock, purely based on her character in the Proposal!

The Goldentree offices, in Warrington, are right between Manchester and Liverpool - What’s the best (or worst) thing about being there?

There are no decent coffee shops anywhere! But the best thing is being among my colleagues.

Which three people (alive or dead) would attend your ideal dinner party?

Robbie Williams, Sarah Millican and Kate Middleton.

What’s the most memorable case you’ve dealt with at Goldentree?

Every single deal we undertake has interesting aspects, and takes a lot of personal care and attention to make sure it works. There are just too many to single one out.

How would you spend your ideal holiday?

Relaxing on a secluded island, without the kids!

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