Connaught investors to receive 43.5% return

Connaught investors to receive 43.5% return


It has been confirmed that investors in Connaught Income Fund Series 2 are to initially receive around 43.5 per cent of their investment capital, following a letter that was sent to them on 1st October. 

Connaught Asset Management said: “At a meeting of the directors of Connaught Asset Management (Guernsey) Limited on the 1st October 2012 it was confirmed that an initial capital distribution of approximately 43.5 per cent of the total investor funds is to be paid to investors in the Connaught Income Fund Series 2. Investors can expect to receive their capital distribution by Friday 5th October.

Michael de Jersey, Chairman of Connaught Asset Management (Guernsey) Limited, stated that the Board was pleased it is now in a position to release some of the investors’ capital. 

He added: “The orderly wind-down of the fund to date has permitted this significant capital redemption.”


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