World recession just “weeks away”

World recession just “weeks away”


The shocking £500 billion bailout to banks from the British government was met with mixed reactions yesterday. Alongside the global 0.5% cut in interest rates, the groundbreaking decisions caused shockwaves around the country.

 News that each taxpayer has become, in effect, a £16,500 banking shareholder has completely changed the nature of the banking system in what has been described “the biggest nationalisation in modern times.”


Meanwhile the new 4.5% interest rate is expected to immediately ease the strain 5 million mortgage holders. If lenders pass on the cut completely to borrowers, the change will knock off almost £50 in monthly repayments on an average mortgage of £150,000.


The £500 billion lifeline and interest rates cut were meant to have a positive effect on the financial markets, but they reacted explosively and the FTSE index of top stocks was 5.2% down by the end of trading yesterday.


In response, the International Monetary Fund warned that a world recession was just around the corner and called the economic downturn “the most dangerous financial shock in mature financial markets since the 1930s.”

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