Top Ten Tips for Raising Finance for Experienced Developers: Tip 9

Top Ten Tips for Raising Finance for Experienced Developers: Tip 9



Finding the right products and services for experienced property developers can prove more complicated that it first appears. With a wealth of specialised finance available, it is always important to know what will suit your client, and which clients will suit you.

Guiding us through the intricacies of catering for more prolific developers, Michael Magee, Owner of commercial and development lender 
Development Finance Bank, uncovers his top 10 tips…

Tip 9: Keeping your options open

I believe that development funding is about having options open for your clients. Talk to your lenders about their criteria and establish who will lend up to 90 per cent, who will lend against flats outside of London and who won’t. Get to know lenders’ rates and pricing structures. 

I’ve found that developers will call a number of brokers initially, though once they have someone who they feel understands the market and the range of options available will stick with that broker. Development finance is a growing market: the high street lenders are still very cautious and this creates a fantastic opportunity for brokers to offer developers a quality intermediary service and, crucially, charge for it!


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