IMF head in affair shocker

IMF head in affair shocker


The head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is being investigated over an extra-marital affair with an employee. The indiscretion was discovered by the employee’s husband, after she was given a questionably large pay-off on leaving her position. 

The former finance minister is facing the enquiry as to whether he took advantage of his position in engaging in a sexual relationship with Piroska Nagy, his subordinate; also whether or not the sum she received six months after the alleged incident was excessive.


French politicians have defended DSK, as he is affectionately known in France, as they don’t believe that the story has anything to do with his ability to do his job successfully, and have praised the IMF chief’s sound handling of the current economic crisis. 


It has been suggested that this story was leaked deliberately before being reported in the Wall Street Journal, in light of America’s disapproval of DSK’s support of tight market regulation.


The chief admits the affair but does not believe he abused his position. The investigation continues.


By Danielle Williams

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