Credit crunch is good for your health

Credit crunch is good for your health


According to research, while the credit crunch is having a negative effect on the economy, it is having a positive effect on our waistlines.

As a result of increased belt-tightening, people are smoking, eating and drinking less. Supermarkets sales of sweets and snacks are down, with people preferring to buy only food that is essential. Families are wasting less too. Dogs everywhere are going hungry, as mothers choose to reheat leftovers, rather than feed them to Fido.


In addition, as an infinitely cheaper alternative to joining a gym, more people are opting to walk or cycle to save money on travel costs.


Research and innovation agency, Happen, have claimed that this latest surge of healthy behaviour could save the NHS up to £50 million a year, due to a reduction in the number of patients.


Amongst all the doom and gloom on the news, it’s good to know that there is a slim silver lining on the grey, recession-shaped cloud looming on the horizon.


Danielle Williams

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