£2 million credit card conman jailed

£2 million credit card conman jailed


A Kingston University computer sciences student has been found guilty, and subsequently jailed for committing credit card fraud to the value of £2 million.

 Conman, Anup Patel, stole the identities of up to 19,000 customers using data readers and secret cameras in petrol stations around the M25. Once the information was retrieved, it was used to create phony credit cards, which were then stored in a lock-up in South London. The cards would be delivered overseas by courier, for use outside of the UK. Customers would only find out that they had been fleeced, after banks called to ask if they had used their cards abroad.


It emerged during the trial that Patel had taunted police by comparing himself to famous con artist Frank Abagnale Jr, from the film Catch Me If You Can. He eventually handed himself in after several of his accomplices were arrested.


He has been sentenced to six years in jail.


By Danielle Williams

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