Commercial Brokers fight back

Commercial Brokers fight back


The website for brokers to speak out has arrived. is a campaign to get the banks lending again to businesses in the UK. 

Broker William Flatau has launched the website to find out what brokers on the front line say about which banks are really lending.


He believes that pressure from UK brokers acting together will help get the market moving. The website has a forum for brokers to tell their stories – anonymously if they wish – to find out what is really happening in the commercial world. Just a week into the launch, with 500 visitors to the site, there is a groundswell of support for the campaign.


The brokers’ trade body the NACFB which represents the majority of brokers in the UK has joined the campaign to get the lenders lending again. Chief executive Adam Tyler said: “We are pleased to support the campaign by to help Britain’s small businesses. We will be looking to lobby Parliament, and work with lenders to get the market moving again.”


The website has a forum for brokers to comment and carries a roundup of news about businesses that need finance. There are plans to carry out polls and lobbying statements.


William Flatau, who owns First Finance commercial brokerage, has spoken to hundreds of brokers who are frustrated with the banks’ bland reassurances: “The big banks tell us that they are open for business. But the story on Main Street is different – rates are being pushed out, loan to value ratios are being cut and business facilities and overdrafts are being systematically cut down leaving companies under intense cash flow pressure,” he said. “The banks have taken £37 billion of taxpayers’ money and now it is payback time. The banks must start lending again to get UK plc back on track.”

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