Record Start to 2008 for GB Finance Group PLC.

Record Start to 2008 for GB Finance Group PLC.


The first 2 months of 2008 have been nothing but positive for GB Finance Group PLC. We have seen significant growth within the business and the success of the Irish Mortgage Expo has resulted in an upturn in the overall enquiry volume too, what’s more, this positive start to the year does not show any signs of slowing down.

Market trends indicated that there would be an upturn in the levels of bridge business as the credit crunch took hold and the market became harder for the more traditional financial institutions/lenders and the brokers alike. GB’s record start to the year may be, in part, as a direct result of these factors but also the work we have done in educating brokers on what, for some, is a new product with its own opportunities.

While the bridging finance sector is not immune to the challenges of our time, it is the lenders whose funding lines are secure and well established who will be able to continue to offer competitive products to the broker market. It is this point which may also be a contributing factor to GB’s level of enquiries.

Gary Gardner, Director said, “we are all aware of how the market has changed and brokers are looking at different solutions to their clients property finance needs. Long gone are the days where the perception of bridge was that of a niche product with minimal uses, at GB we are a long established bridge lender who will work with a broker to ensure we get the right deal for their clients. We have been delighted with the response from our brokers and will continue to grow the GB brand and our product offering in the coming months”.

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