Bridging firm donates over £2,000 to sick children

Bridging firm donates over £2,000 to sick children


One of the UK’s largest bridging loan companies, Tiuta, has donated £2444 to help buy two vital pieces of breathing equipment for the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Members of Tiuta staff recently paid a visit to the London hospital, which treats over 150,000 sick children every year, to hand over the cheque to the nurses so that two pieces of equipment used alongside the ventilators in the Intensive Care Unit for children could be bought.


In addition to this, Tiuta gave the hospital £200 worth of games and toys for the children’s ward play areas to make life more enjoyable for those children having to stay in the hospital over the Christmas period away from friends and family. 


The gifts were carefully chosen by the Tiuta staff so that they would be appropriate for children staying in hospital and included toy cookers, shopping trollies, mini JCB-diggers and ‘Guess who?’, the flip ‘n find face game.


Georgina Lanario, who was one of the Tiuta staff visiting the hospital, commented: “Some of these children are seriously ill, but they are phenomenally brave and the medical staff makes such an effort to make their stay in hospital as painless as possible.  We wanted to help buy equipment that would significantly improve the lives of these children, but also give some toys to brighten up their Christmas.

“We were really pleased to have been shown round the hospital to meet some of the doctors and nurses that spend so much time trying to make their patients feel better.  It was great to see that our money is going to make a valuable contribution towards the lives of some of these children. It has really been quite a humbling experience.” 

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