New Suspension Bridge launched

New Suspension Bridge launched


A pre-arranged bridging facility that can provide funds within an hour has been launched by Savills Lending Solutions and bridging loan company Tiuta.

The Suspension Bridge facility is aimed at existing property owners looking to refinance existing borrowing or unencumbered property in the short term in order to take advantage of housing market opportunities and buy further property.


Providing an agreed total borrowing level with a drawdown facility, borrowers can receive funds within an hour of written instruction.


The Suspension Bridge has a maximum facility of £700,000, with a maximum LTV of 55%. As it is designed for professional investors with existing properties, interest rates at 0.95% calculated daily, added to the loan monthly and paid on redemption are available.  


Eligible clients must have minimum net assets of £500,000 and multiple draw downs and redemptions are allowed provided the facility limit is not breached.


Chief executive at Tiuta, Gary Booth, said: “The current property market is offering Below Market Value transactions, which sadly traditional lenders are no longer able to supply lending facilities for, in the timescales that purchases require. “Suspension Bridge”, in conjunction with Savills Lending Solutions allows buyers to have a pre-agreed facility, that they can drawdown to fit their property investment strategy. Furthermore, it also allows investors to shop around for the best refinancing offers without having to take the first, and often uncompetitive, terms.”

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