The ICE Group presents a “win, win situation” for brokers

The ICE Group presents a “win, win situation” for brokers


The ICE Group is taking this opportunity to introduce themselves and outline their offering:  



“For the majority in the Financial Services sector 2008 has been a pretty disastrous year with the prospects for 2009 painting an even gloomier picture. Many brokers and IFAs are being forced to look for new ways to supplement income. Against this grim backdrop ‘ICE Tax Assist’ would like to provide new opportunities which could provide a lifeline to both IFAs and their clients.   


“Most of us find the subject of Tax or Personal / Business Debts to be a very emotive one, especially in the present climate, but for clients who are faced with pressing Tax Bills it’s certainly one that cannot be ignored. Your task is perhaps the easiest you will ever be faced with yet one of the most rewarding. All you need to do is find clients who are under pressure from HMRC to settle their tax bills, whether it be Self Assessment, VAT, Corporation Tax or PAYE contributions which might relate to business partnerships, self employed, limited companies, Trusts or Private Individuals. If your client is in a genuine ‘Can’t Pay’ situation then it’s almost certain that our specialist team will be able to come up with a solution using a specially negotiated ‘Time to Pay Plan.’


“Not only do you get to keep your client until favourable market conditions return, but you can also earn yourself a handsome reward for your troubles: All in all a ‘Win Win’ situation for everyone.


“If you would like to find out more please call us on 0121 523 1037 or e-mail us at

[email protected]. You might like to visit our website at: We look forward to working with you.”


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