Short term lender announces new broker commission payments

Short term lender announces new broker commission payments


Award winning short term lender, Link Lending, has announced that it is now paying a commission to brokers who successfully introduce new business for its secured loans product, Link Loans. 

This income stream is in addition to the original system of broker remuneration which was by way of a fee charged to borrowers which could be added to the loan.


John Maclean, managing director of Link Lending, comments: “We are delighted to be able to now offer commission payments to brokers for successfully introducing secured loans business. Link Loans offers competitive rates, starting from 12.4%, with LTVs up to 80% and this product represents an attractive option for borrowers whose circumstances mean that a secured loan would be the preferable choice. For example – borrowers that do not want to switch out of their existing deal by remortgaging to raise the additional capital, and those who want to keep the new loan separate from their main mortgage and to repay it over a shorter term.”


Mr Maclean went on to say: “In a market that continues to be difficult for borrowers and brokers, we believe that our new commission payments will be a welcome piece of good news for hard-pressed brokers.”

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