Outlook sunny for international property market

Outlook sunny for international property market


It would be an understatement to say that in the UK it has not been a good year for those looking to sell-up and move out. The mortgage market is declining rapidly, with LTV rates for first timers more uncompromising than ever. Those looking to step up onto the first rungs of the property ladder are increasingly finding that their 7% deposit just doesn’t cut the mustard.

However, canny investors and those just fed up of the current doom and gloom, are taking their business overseas; where hard earned cash will stretch that little bit further, and news of financial affairs will be read over coffee and croissant, by the pool.

International mortgage specialists have found that the credit crunch has had little effect on the market as buyers flock to Europe looking for a bargain. There are many factors to consider when buying abroad however, so specialist advice is essential; perhaps this is another opportunity for brokers in to expand and diversify, as the UK mortgage market looks evermore bleak.

By Danielle Williams

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