Investigators at hand to help firms deal with fraud

Investigators at hand to help firms deal with fraud


Latest figures show that the current economic crisis has sparked a noticeable increase in the amount of fraud being committed, with CIFAS, the UK Fraud Prevention Services, stating that there has been a 16% rise over the last year. 

Retired Detective Superintendents Brian Dunn (Cleveland Police) and Harry Stephenson (Durham Police) are highly experienced senior investigators and through their new company, DST Investigative Consultancy Services Ltd, they aim to help companies who have been the subject of any criminal activity.


They will use their expertise to assist clients in conducting investigations and carrying out reviews in a number of areas including anti fraud and corruption.


“We want to move away from the image of the private investigator hiding in bushes spying on people.” Mr Dunn says. “We want to prevent people being the subject of fraud and corruption offences.


“If there is a case involving fraudulent applications, or someone has ripped a company off, then we can bring in competent experts to deal with it.


“I’m pretty sure that with the way things are going, a lot of companies and organizations are going to be caught out in the next few months.


“Although people are becoming suspicious of documents, they’re not going to identify every fraudulent document that comes through. By having anti fraud and corruption measures in place in some situations, it might just prevent a company from giving a loan to somebody who has no means of paying it back.”


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