Property Woes? Ask the Experts

Property Woes? Ask the Experts


As many people struggle to cope with the increasing pressure on their mortgages and the possibility of facing repossession, Manchester-based short-term property finance company, Hilton Ventures Plc has opened a 24/7 free-of-charge expert helpline to answer the most pressing questions. 

Callers can take advantage of the experienced team at Hilton Ventures to get round-the-clock advice and guidance on virtually every matter concerning their property, from questions about possible repossessions to lining up an introduction to a mortgage broker.


As a patron of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), Hilton Ventures is dedicated to ensuring best practice principles are extended across the whole property industry. Therefore, the advice and service provided through the helpline will always be of the highest quality.

Andrew Eames, Head of Lending at Hilton Ventures, commented: "At Hilton Ventures we are committed to the highest standards and helping people where we can. We understand the fear and burden that repossession can cause - the expert helpline is simply another way for us to provide a friendly helping hand in these difficult times." Hilton Ventures’ helpline is the latest development in a series of actions designed to assist those navigating the property market.  The company recently issued a top five tips against repossession list and has regularly advised on scams and malpractices in the property market. The helpline is now live and can be reached on 0800 612 6649.

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