37% of City workers admit they would steal from their employer

37% of City workers admit they would steal from their employer


In a recent survey carried out by Infosecurity Europe, it was revealed that 37% of City-based office workers would steal sensitive company information from their current employer if they were offered enough to sweeten the deal.  

63% of those who took part in the survey said they wouldn’t divulge data for less than a million pounds. 10% would pass on information if their mortgage was paid off and 4% if their credit card debts were paid off.


5% would be prepared to steal in exchange for a holiday, whilst another 5% would give up information if they were offered a new job.


An easily-swayed 2% of respondents revealed that they would steal company information in exchange for “a slap up meal.”


The type of information available to employees consisted of customer databases, accounting systems, IT admin passwords, HR databases and business plans.


68% of workers said it wouldn’t be difficult to smuggle information out of their company, and 88% of workers said that the information they had access to was “valuable.”


The survey uncovered how the economic downturn had affected staff loyalty, with over 30% of respondents stating that they were less loyal than they were a year ago due to worries over job security. 


Group event director from Infosecurity Europe, Tamar Beck, commented: “Even in the current downturn, British workers are still basically very honest, but this cannot be relied upon by organisations to protect valuable company information and confidential customer data. Criminals are very adept at finding vulnerable workers who can be tempted into betraying their employers. Organisations should therefore ensure that they have trained their people to protect sensitive information.”

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