Wealth report shows investors still licking their wounds

Wealth report shows investors still licking their wounds


The latest study of the world’s wealthiest investors has revealed that recent losses resulting from unstable markets and the decline in commercial and residential property markets has had far more of an emotional impact than any gains made.

According to the survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit for Barclays Wealth, over two-thirds of the 2,100 investors polled say that they are still feeling bruised from losing money in the downturn.

Despite assurances that now is a good time to invest, the world’s richest reportedly fear that asset prices have further to fall, although nine out of every ten investors admit to seeing more investment opportunities out there.

Rory Gilbert from Barclay’s Wealth has said that making a large investment involves as much emotional consideration as it does financial, and the wealthy tend to focus more on their losses than their gains. “The findings show that investors are currently constrained by a fear of regret and are turning a blind eye to the opportunities they know are out there.” He said.

However, not all investors are shuffling their feet. According to the study,


investors are among those feeling the most optimistic about investment opportunities, with 37% saying they are set to adopt a more adventurous style of investing over the next year.


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