Assetz Capital passes £100m lending milsetone

Assetz Capital passes £100m lending milsetone

Assetz Capital has paid out more than £10m of gross interest to investors since its launch in April 2013.

The peer-to-peer platform said this represented a rate between 3.75% and 18% per annum.  

Assetz Capital also revealed that it has issued more than £100m worth of loans to SMEs since it had opened for business.

Stuart Law, CEO, said: “It’s amazing to look back on the last two or three years and see how far we have progressed.

“We’re delighted that investors have already earned in excess of £10m of gross interest through our platform and with the peer-to-peer industry going from strength to strength, we fully expect to see this figure double in the near future.”

Assetz Capital said it has over £500m available to lend to SMEs and receives loan applications of more than £100m every month.

To date, the platform has seen just £1.08m of losses on the £100m it has lent out, and that was experienced by investors in the Manual Loan Investment Account, the highest potential interest rate account that Assetz Capital offers.


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