Famous trader launches Facebook-style property site

Famous trader launches Facebook-style property site


In a move that is sure to spell even more bad news for estate agents, a former trader is setting up a new networking site for property professionals and individuals looking to sell their home.

According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, Anton Kreil – who used to be a trader for Goldman Sachs and also appeared as the portfolio manager on the BBC Two programme, Million Dollar Traders – is launching the site with his own capital.

Hablib.com, which is short for ‘Habitation Libertum’, or in other words, home freedom, aims to be “the Facebook of the property world”, combining social networking aspects with residential property portals.

Through the site, homeowners and property developers can set up a profile of their homes and get in contact with potential buyers. Properties can then be sold without the owner having to pay any kind of commission fee to estate agents.

Apparently if users sell their property via the site, it doesn’t charge any commission fees either.

On the site, property owners can create their own profiles with their personal details, along with information on the property, including photos, number of viewings and offers made. Users will also be able to communicate with potential buyers and arrange viewings through a messaging service.

Mr Kreil has described the idea as “powerful” and enthused that it could change the way property is sold in the


, although it is doubtful that estate agents will be quite as excited about the new Housebook.

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