Alan Sugar falls victim to building scam

Alan Sugar falls victim to building scam


It has been reported that Alan Sugar's property firm, Amsprop, has been named as one of the companies implicated in the recent price-fixing scam by builders.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) imposed fines totalling £129.5 million on 103 construction companies for colluding with competitors on building contracts, in a practice referred to as bid-rigging.

Amsprop was allegedly one of the firms given misleading quotes by contractors bidding to undertake a costly refurbishment of Dover Street Market in Mayfair, London.

The scam affected building projects across the UK worth over £200 million, including public buildings such as schools, universities and hospitals, as well as private projects.
The OFT's senior director on the case, Simon Williams, said: "Bidding processes designed to ensure clients and, in many cases, taxpayers receive the best possible choice and price were distorted, creating a real risk of increased prices."

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