Commercial broker partnership launched by lender

Commercial broker partnership launched by lender


Specialist lender Commercial First has announced the launch of a distribution partnership for commercial intermediaries called Commercial First Partners (CFP). 

The partnership has reportedly been established to consolidate the activity of individual intermediaries and provide sales and marketing services that will enable its partners to build their business.


Relationships with lenders and providers have also been established to provide commercial lending and business finance products, with CFP attracting the support of key institutional lenders as well as specialist providers, smaller banks and private lending sources.


The Partnership has been recruiting professionals since the summer and has over 100 fully accredited partners.


Commercial First sales and marketing director, Stephen Johnson, commented: “The commercial broker market is highly fragmented. There are a large number of professionals operating in isolation without the scale to leverage product or service terms with lenders.


“The Partnership will consolidate this activity for the benefit of its partners and lenders, as we look to build a volume distributor of commercial property and business finance products.


“Institutional lenders are restructuring their resources and revisiting broker strategies. Origination and distribution are not the short term imperative – however cost efficient acquisition of new business will become critical for lenders when the cycle turns. We believe the Partnership will be ideally positioned to benefit from this need.”


Alongside the benefits of aggregating volume and creating a group with buying power, the partnership will provide processing services for specialist and private lenders who have capital to invest in the market but lack the distribution and infrastructure to complete transactions or deal with a wider group of brokers. This will provide the partners with access to bespoke funding in order to complement products on offer from the institutional lenders.


Central services provided by CFP to its partners include; market research on lenders, identifying other complimentary products areas to drive income from existing clients and win new relationships; marketing tools and campaigns to help generate activity and access to an appraisal team for initial enquiries.


Additionally, CFP will aim to help create long term capital value for its partners by distributing a share of any annual profits made and a share of any value realised upon sale or flotation.


Mr Johnson continued: “As a lender which played a significant role in driving intermediary participation in the market we understand how to energise brokers and add value to their business. It is good to be out there with a positive message, and be part of trying to revive the broker market.


“The business is committed to a return to lending in its own right. We recognise it will be difficult to replicate the scale of our activity in the past and like all businesses, realise we need to adapt to the current market conditions.”

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