HSBC banker in court over wife's murder

HSBC banker in court over wife's murder


City banker, Neil Ellerbeck, has admitted in court that he caused the death of his wife after trying to restrain her in argument, but has denied the charge of murder he is up against. 

Appearing at the Old Bailey, the HSBC executive described a violent argument between him and his wife Kate about their daughter’s schooling. During the hour-long struggle, Mr Ellerbeck admitted that he hit her and pinned her down to prevent her scratching him.


Kate Ellerbeck was found dead at their £600,000 home in Enfield late last year.


The Telegraph newspaper reports that Mr Ellerbeck maintained that his wife was alive when he left her, although when asked who caused the injuries from which she died, he said: “Clearly that’s myself.”


Prosecuting, Edward Brown, accused Mr Ellerbeck of being an angry and jealous husband, who secretly bugged his wife’s telephone conversations, which the banker has admitted to, although he denied being jealous of his wife’s affairs.


Speaking of the final moments with his wife, Mr Ellerbeck said: “She was lashing out towards my face. I didn’t want to be scratched. I just wanted to pin her down and hold her down.”


When asked by his barrister, Diane Ellis, if he had ever intended to kill his wife, he answered: “No, certainly not, no.”


The case continues.

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