Specialist lender extends loans to offshore limited companies

Specialist lender extends loans to offshore limited companies


The short term finance company, Tiuta, has extended its lending criteria to include clients using offshore limited company vehicles.

The lender has extended its criteria to incorporate competitive funding terms for brokers whose clients may typically have a specific offshore need. Clients may range from expatriates and foreign nationals to international and private clients who, for any one of a number of reasons, seek to use the tax efficiency of an offshore company.


Guy Garrard, head of business development at Tiuta, commented: “This is an area of the market that has been under-serviced for quite some time. There is a certain shroud of mystery that has surrounded lending to tax efficient offshore vehicles which frankly is quite unnecessary. With prudent due diligence and rigorous legal practices there is no reason why such borrowers should be disadvantaged.


“We are delighted to be in a position to extend our criteria thanks to our robust funding lines. As the UK is showing positive signs of becoming an increasingly attractive investment proposition through growing evidence of economic and house price stability we expect this to be an area that will prove extremely popular for brokers with high net worth clients who can fully utilise offshore investment vehicles.”

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