MIPIM 2010: In uncertain times, property leaders toast to the future

MIPIM 2010: In uncertain times, property leaders toast to the future


As debate on the state of the property market recovery rages on, industry insiders are gearing up to attend the prestigious 4 day MIPIM show in Cannes next week.

The show attracts leaders from across the field, who meet in glamorous Mediterranean surroundings to “collaborate on real-estate solutions to meet the diverse demands of the international market”, according to the event’s press release.

In 2009, there were 17,658 real estate professionals, 1,871 exhibiting companies, 3,575 investors and 350 corporate end-users in attendance at the show. In the midst of real estate meltdown, participants were reminded to ‘stay calm’ and ‘don’t panic,’ as they shuttled between casinos and yachts.

This year, the event will commence on March 16 with a stylish social cocktail party for those that survived the crunch. The event is branded as a unique platform to discuss key issues in a market still dealing with the after-shocks of the financial downturn, from environmental criteria to the impact of shifting national economic policies.

Participants will also be treated to business and networking opportunities over a series of lavish lunches and events.

MIPIM organisers are keen to capitalise on the tenuous signs of renewed investor confidence. Whilst the sector limps towards recovery, the show will focus on the return of ambitious building projects and in the midst of French Riviera opulence, emphasis will be on strategies for sustainable development in major cities, looking at solutions to meet the environmental crisis and rising energy costs.

In spite of warnings of  ‘double dipping’ into a new wave of recession, and rumblings of an emergent  property bubble in China, participants are promised a more optimistic atmosphere at this year’s event, with a comprehensive program centred on investment recovery around the world.

Hinging on this wave of optimism, MIPIM will also host ‘MIPIM Horizons.’ This event will be dedicated to countries with high potential investment opportunities, billed as ‘reflecting the sector’s dynamism’ in the weak economic climate. In a bid to titillate the more cautious investor, unique building projects from such diverse regions as Egypt, South Korea and Nigeria will also be on display.

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