£7m mortgage fraud trial collapses

£7m mortgage fraud trial collapses


It has been reported that a prolific £7 million property fraud trial in Aberdeen has now collapsed. 

The trial, which began in January, saw eight men and one woman accused of being involved in the mortgage fraud.


However, according to BBC News, prosecutors have now dropped all charges against the six remaining defendants, after three were acquitted last week.


The surprising turn of events has happened just eight weeks into a trial that had been due to last at least five months.


The six men left in the doc at the High Court in Glasgow – 48 year-old David George Pocock, 46 year-old Patrick Pocock, Russell Taylor, aged 43, Alistair Walker, 62, David Ramage, 53, and Mark Mackie, aged 42 – have now all walked free.  


Last week three people were acquitted in two days: 31 year old David Mark Pocock, 49 year old Frank Pocock and the sole female on trial, 41 year-old Arlyn Cran, who broke down in tears as she left court, saying: “I have been acquitted. That’s all I want to say for the moment.”


Before she was told that she was free to go by Lord Malcolm, advocate depute Keith Stewart said that it would be impossible to obtain a conviction against her.


“I have reviewed the matter today and have taken the view it would not be possible for the Crown to obtain a conviction against Arlyn Cran and therefore wish to withdraw the libel.” He told the court.


The nine people were originally charged with giving fake purchase prices and falsified mortgage forms and valuation reports to obtain money, loans and properties between 1998 and 2003.

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