1 in 4 people prefer their old home to a new partner

1 in 4 people prefer their old home to a new partner


A recent survey by a high street lettings agent has revealed that one in four people prefer living with their ex partner to finding a new home.

According to the survey carried by out ludlowthompson.com, 26 per cent of couples would rather remain in their shared property after breaking up than find somewhere new.

Other reasons why couples keep living together following break ups include more traditional causes, such as high property prices and a reluctance to rent.

Stephen Ludlow, Director of ludlowthompson.com, said: “Traditionally couples who continue living together despite breaking up have done so because the cost of living separately is so high. But some people are so fond of their home that they carry on living with their ex just to stay in the house or flat.

“It seems that people will carry on living together in a loveless relationship because they really love where they live!”

According to the survey, the credit crunch has worked its way into post-relationship arrangements with 14 per cent of couples forced to live together because they are unable to sell their shared home.

Also revealed by those questioned is that 16 per cent worry they can’t afford to rent separately, 8 per cent are unable to get a mortgage for their new home and two per cent face negative equity on their home.

Family commitments also play a part in why people are so reluctant to move out, with 10 per cent saying they’d rather not move the children.

So it looks like couples are willing to put up with each other’s friends, mothers, snoring and weird dietary requirements after all. Alternatively, they’ll take on someone else’s weird ways – of those asked, 48 per cent said they would take on a lodger or flatmate if it meant holding on to their property...

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